Rules & Regulations

1) Series Over View

The aim of this series is to provide clean, close, fun, racing as close to it's real life counterpart as possible. The racing will consist of weekly racing, six week season's, a one hour broadcast on Simspeed TV, ten minutes solo qualifying, one fifteen minute race, then qualifying again and one thirty min race.

2) Entry's

a) Entry's for each Season will open the day after the previous season ending.

b) Entry's and grid positions will be on a first come first served basis and a list of confirmed entry's will be posted and update each day.

c) Entry is not confirmed until the entry fee has been paid, once payment has been received and confirmed.

d) First preference for grid spots will be given to drivers entering all six rounds. The remaining spots will then be filled on a round by round basis, on a first come first served basis until 50 spots have been filled for that round.

e) There will be an entry fee of $20 per season. This is not a money making exercise the fee is to help cover cost's like a live broadcaster and live marshal's to obviously keep the racing as clean as possible. If at any point there becomes a profit the money will go back into iRacing credits and prizes, until then I (Ira) will be personally covering the difference. By paying the entry fee you will be guaranteed entry and you can always offset this cost to a sponsor as all the races are broadcast.

3) Race Week

a) Official practice is Monday's and Tuesdays from 6:30 AEDT and while they are not compulsory they are encouraged.

b) Race Session Format: Be aware the race session opens at 6:20 AEST with one hour of free practice before qualifying starts. The broadcast will start at 7:30 AEDT. Three laps of solo qualifying and then straight into Race 1, no stops required. Then a new server will come up which will be five minuets connection time, one lap of solo qualifying and with one compulsory stop for two front tyres, you can stop on any lap except for the last lap.

c) Race Start Procedure: All race starts will be from a standing start, enduros will be rolling starts

d) Radio: Strictly race chat only. No swearing under any circumstances, say it out loud at home if you like just don't press that button! Penalties will apply, people watch via live streams so we want to keep all chat family friendly. Anyone using, threatening, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc or any such language will be permanently banned, no warnings. Bad behaviour will not be tolerated.

5) Cars

a) Setups: Open setups but a good base setup will be provided in the shared folder for each practice and race session.

b) Fuel: No fuel restrictions.

c) Fast Repairs: There will be no fast repairs.

6) Driving Standard's.

a) It is expected that all drivers race in a considerate manner based around "Gentleman's" racing rules.

7) Race Control - Penalties

a) Race control will not clear any penalties generated by iRacing.

b) Race control may remove drivers from the session if they pose a risk due to bad internet connection or behaving erratically.

c) All incidents will be reviewed and all races will have live race control, consisting of one or more stewards monitoring on track activity. Race control will hand out any penalties where applicable. All penalties and incident review results will be posted with the results.

d) Race control will do their best to deal with what they can at the time but they can only do and see so much, due to possible internet issue's etc, so time penalties may be issued after any replays are reviewed post race.

e) During the race if you feel that you would like an incident looked at the procedure will be to simply come on the radio and say "Race Control Please" You don't need to explain what happened RC will review the incident. Or you can say nothing and after the race send a short video or come into the Race Control channel on Discord to go over it with the stewards.

f) There will be one main penalty, a pit lane drive through and or a post race 30 second time penalty added after the race.

g) A drive through penalty means no stopping in pit lane and it must be served within two laps of being issued if you drive past pit lane three times you will be disqualified from that race.

h) All these scenarios will incur a drive through or time penalty, dive bombs, unsafe re join, pulling out or backing back onto the track into other cars, turning or spinning a car around when it could have been avoided, intentional contact, reckless driving, bump and run passing, squeezing another car off the track, Not slowing under yellows and causing contact. If you cannot serve the penalty due to damage then the time penalty will be added on post race.

i) No passing while there is a flashing iRacing yellow on your screen. You can pass cars that are off the track but we will enforce the no passing cars on track until you are clear of the yellow, the same as real life track racing. If the track is blocked ahead and you get a yellow flag but plough through the incident without lifting and or run into other cars already stopped you will receive atleast a time penalty.

8) Contact & Passing

a) Contact: The Formula Vee's and Formula Skip Barbers are open wheels classes and so they are no contact classes.

b) Passing: As per normal driving standards it is up to both cars to make sure passing is made without incident and the "B" Pillar or level with the Driver by the apex rule will apply, as long as you can make the corner without heavy contact. If you are not passed the B pillar safely the contact is on you as the car ahead has the line.

c) Pit Lane Contact: If a car makes contact with another car causing that car to incur a pit lane penalty or speeding in pit lane, then the offending car will also receive the same time penalty either during or post race.

d) Racing Room: All cars must leave reasonable space for cars alongside, if you move over or squeeze another car off track then the penalty is on you.

9) Redressing

a) If you bumped someone off and you can redress safely then you can save yourself a drive through penalty but we don't want cars checking up hard on track risking contact with other cars, if a penalty is to be applied the steward will notify the driver over the radio or a time penalty will be applied after the race when the incident is reviewed.

10) Blocking

a) No blocking. Only one defensive move is allowed you cannot move twice. This means you cannot defend and then move back to the racing line in the braking zone, you can only defend or hold the racing line.

11) Intentional Contact

a) Any intentional contact at anytime during or after the race will result in at least a one week ban up to a permanent ban depending on the severity of the incident.

12) Flags

a) Blue Flags: If you are a lap down or going to be lapped you will receive a blue flag so please observe this by making reasonable way for the coming cars as soon as possible.

b) Yellow Flags: Drivers not showing reasonable care under yellow flags could receive a time penalty and drivers making contact with other cars under yellows could face a severe penalty.

13) Protest

a) You can protest by sending a short replay video of the incident by private message on the TTC FaceBook page but this must be completed within one hour of the end of the race so that official results can be finalised as quickly as possible.

b) All penalties and incident review results will be posted in results on the Facebook page.

c) You can also come into the Discord Race Control channel after the race to discuss any incident with the stewards.

9) Safety Car & Restarts

a) To be used at the discretion of race control for things like a blocked track and or if a large portion of the field is involved.

b) All restarts will be single file, lapped cars to the back

14) Disconnecting

a) Disconnecting is strongly discouraged, if you get damage and it's fixable before the race ends then we expect cars to go back out on track, every spot in this series is worth points. We believe it is disrespectful to fellow competitors and all involved to disconnect.

b) If you disconnect straight after being given a penalty from Race Control and do not serve the penalty you will be receive a one round ban up to a league ban depending on the severity of the incident.

15) Points & Scoring Categories.

a) The scoring categories will be.

1) Overall Series Champion: Individual drivers.

2) Teams: Two drivers points combined for a team total.

a) At the end of each season the top five in all the fore mentioned categories will receive a PDF certificate similar to the iRacing Official ones.

16) Points

a) All races will count towards the overall series there will be no dropped round but drivers who miss a round will get one point less than the last placed car.

b) 0x Race = 2 points
Fastest Race Lap = 1 point
Pole Race 2 = 1 point

Race 1 will now be worth 40 points

1st - 40
2nd - 38
3rd - 36
4th - 34
5th - 32
6th - 30
7th - 29
8th - 28
9th - 27
10th - 26
20th - 16
30th - 6
31st - 5
32nd - 4
33rd - 3
34th - 2
35th - 1
35th + 1 point

Race 2 will now be worth 60 points

1st - 60
2nd - 58
3rd - 56
4th - 54
5th - 52
6th - 50
7th - 49
8th - 48
9th - 47
10th - 46
20th - 36
30th - 26
40th - 16

Enduro's 100 points

1st - 100
2nd - 98
3rd - 96
4th - 94
5th - 92
6th - 90
7th - 89
8th - 88
9th - 87
10th - 86
20th - 76
30th - 66
40th - 56

17) Count Backs

a) In the event of a tie for first place after a season, count back will be first on race wins, then podiums, then top five's then most top tens until a result is determined. Tied points for any other position will result in both drivers sharing that position.

1 Paint - Broadcast

a) All drivers must read the terms and conditions of the race broadcaster Sim Speed TV ??

b) Car numbers will be allocated with preference given by order of last series finishing order. Eg Series Champion has first pick and can take or pass on the #1 car.

19) iRacing Policy for Painting Your iRacing Car:

a) respects the intellectual property rights of others and strives to make use of the service enjoyable for all users. So you should keep in mind that users can only use the custom paint feature in a manner allowed in our Terms of Use and End User License Agreement. For example, use of this feature is subject to the following: (a) You, and not ??, are entirely responsible for the graphics, content and paint schemes you use on your cars (collectively, "Paint Schemes").

b) Your Paint Schemes may not be indecent, libelous, defamatory, obscene, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, illegal, harassing; contain expressions of hatred, bigotry, racism or pornography, promote or otherwise refer to tobacco products, alcohol or illicit drugs, constitute or encourage a criminal offense, or otherwise objectionable.

c) Your Paint Schemes may not infringe the copyright, trademark, publicity/privacy right or other intellectual property right of any third party. Without limiting the foregoing, you may not include in your Paint Schemes any trademark, logo, graphics, or any other content or materials of any third party unless you have obtained express written permission from the owner of the trademark, logo, graphics, or other content or materials to do so.

d) This is not a comprehensive list of the restrictions or obligations you may have under our Terms of Use and End User License Agreement that relate to your Paint Schemes. If you do not agree to any of our restrictions or obligations, you may not use this feature.

e) In addition to all other rights and remedies that we have, we may (but are not obligated to) remove any of your Paint Schemes if we feel they violate any of the terms of our Terms of Use and End User License

f) Agreement or are otherwise objectionable or inappropriate.